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Home page of Laurie Dubay, ya paranormal author of the Winter Fire Series

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Hagalaz (Book VI of the Winter Fire Series)

An ominous sign burns bright in the autumn woods of Yew Dales.  To escape unspeakable heartbreak, Jenna must seek the help of someone who holds the power to intercept fate, but the price will be higher than she can imagine.  A grueling journey through the netherworlds leads Jenna to the source of her worst fears, forcing her to face the truth about those she loves most, and ultimately, herself.


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Dubay's ability to create striking and evocative descriptions of characters and scenes raises the impact of her novels a whole level.  Five stars out of five!

Gordon A. Long, Airborn Press


Dubay's writing style flows like wind at high altitude.  Likeable characters and a great climax, it delivers in areas where most paranormal romances don't!

Mara A., The Reading Hedgehog


The story is so beautiful…if you're a fan of Riordan's books, then you are likely to love this series too!  I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

Farzy Mae, BooksKeepMeSane

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